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"Most simply, Nucleus Medical Art animation is the best in the business. How do I know? I've looked at every conceivable site, about a dozen times. NMA is without parallel or peer. Period."
  • Dr. George McClane
  • Sharp Grossmont Hospital - San Diego, CA
"Nucleus Medical Art has helped me bridge the gap of communication from the art world to the healthcare world. "
  • Diane Brown
  • Sutter Health
"Nucleus Medical Art's clean style ensures our visual content clearly communicates to our audience. Their product steps out of the way and allows the user to directly understand the message presented, which, in our opinion, is the highest compliment."
  • Donald Kemper, M.P.H
  • Healthwise, Inc.
"We are offering production vignettes on minimally invasive surgical procedures [requiring] illustrations and animations that are clearly understandable... That is what Nucleus Medical Art provides. The response to our productions underscores their effectiveness; patients and prospective patients tell us they better understand the procedures and are telling others."
  • Emery C. King
  • Detroit Medical Center
"My thanks to the terrific team at Nucleus Medical Art. As you know, medical animation for major pharma companies is a tricky business. The animation has to be absolutely precise in order to satisfy strict legal oversight, and, at the same time artistry and style are needed to satisfy the creative needs of the campaign. How rare and wonderful it is to find a team that can deliver both - on schedule and on budget. Great job!"
  • Chris Saraceni
  • Jack Morton Worldwide
"The Nucleus team always does an excellent job of turning our visions into a reality. Most importantly, the work is delivered on time and within budget. Nucleus Medical Art has never failed to deliver."
  • Stephen D. Hartley
  • Fleishman-Hillard
"Overall, I'm very pleased with the quality, creation of website specific to my needs, and search engine."
  • Mario Deieso
  • Allstate Insurance
"I have relied heavily on the illustrations and animations from Nucleus Medical Art in my work. The result has been nothing less than breathtaking. Their images and animations are of the highest quality and easy to adapt to both video and the web. The clarity of design of their images allows me to communicate concepts with ease and elegance. "
  • Beth Miller
  • Acorn New Media
"Licensing a series of medical illustrations from Nucleus has vastly improved our website. The illustrations are of excellent quality, professionally done with great attention to detail. They help illustrate exactly what we are trying to communicate. I'm very glad we found them."
  • Michael Spielman
  • Loxafamosity Ministries, Inc.
"I would like to commend the Nucleus team for the superb illustrations and animations they have provided for my educational CD-ROM... The illustrations/animations were very clear and informative, significantly enhancing users interest in the content and improving the learning environment."
  • Fadi Ramadan, M.D.
  • State University of New York, Buffalo
"Nucleus was very helpful and responded quickly to questions and delivering the images needed. This was crucial in completing our project."
  • Donna Kong
  • BioFocus Communications, Inc.
"The animations look fantastic. I can't wait to see the final video and I can certainly send you a copy. My feedback is only positive. Everything ran so smoothly and was well done in a small amount of time. We seem to constantly run up against people in this industry who either can't follow instruction or whine about the amount of changes. I didn't have any of those problems with [Nucleus] - I wish every vendor could be like that!"
  • Carol Brewer
  • Jones and Bartlett Publishers
"Our training was a big success and for an important part thanks to the quality of your medical illustrations."
  • Maurice Bagot d'Arc
  • Medical Affairs Global, Baxter, France
"Great web site. Quick and easy (to use)."
  • Jamie Peterson
  • Cornerstone Communications, Inc.
"Thank you very much for the updated animations. I am very pleased with them and the time frame in which they were delivered."
  • St. John Vuetilovoni
  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
"Working with the team at Nucleus Medical Art was a great experience. They were knowledgeable, flexible and focused on ensuring that we were very happy with their product. And, the results were amazing. We look forward to an opportunity to work with Nucleus again."
  • Tina Montgomery
  • Science North Enterprises
"The animations of our mechanism of action have been received wonderfully and have provided our sales force with an excellent presentation/training aid. In addition to the quality of the animations, working with the entire design team was nothing but a pleasure. The information that was to be conveyed was not only complex, but also in many aspects theoretical in the fact that nothing like this has ever been captured in a pictorial format. Your team was able to grasp the concept with little direction, run with the story and provide to us a spectacular finished product."
  • Kevin Neuhs
  • Biomet Spine
"A very positive experience!"
  • Pam Farrell
  • Rehab ClassWorks
"The folks at Nucleus have done a superb job with our animation. In addition to their extensive experience in the cardiac space, they are prompt as well as responsive to our needs. Most importantly they understood our needs and the message we are trying to convey through our animation the first time itself. Last, but not least, is their flexibility and customer focus. I have already recommended them to a couple of cardiac surgeons and will continue to do so."
  • Gopal Muppirala
  • Mardil, Inc.
"Having worked with Nucleus Medical Art, I can state that they are exceptionally professional and the work they do is of the highest caliber. The professionals I've interacted with have been very competent in dealing with our specific needs and issues and I highly recommend their services."
  • Paula Schweikert
  • CryoPen, LLC/ Cimex Medical Innovations, LC
"I found Nucleus very responsive, professional and helpful."
  • Marcia Irwin
  • Irwin Associates Inc.
"I used the animation for a PowerPoint presentation last year in a demonstration of how animation could improve the Informed Consent process in medicine. I do believe it was the reason our group got an A."
  • Karen Nixon, CNM
  • Kaiser-Permanente, OB-GYN
"Excellent service and quality!"
  • Daniel Cole, M.D.
  • Loma Linda University
"Nucleus produced clear, accurate anatomical illustations of the brain for my book The Mind at Night: The New Science of How and Why We Dream. I was thrilled with the quality of the work, which had to be produced on a relatively tight deadline and it was a pleasure to deal with the staff at Nucleus throughout the process."
  • Andrea Rock
  • The New Science of How and Why We Dream
"Working with Nucleus has been a great experience. They have produced a beautiful, professional animation in a very cost-effective way. The Nucleus animation will be the centerpiece of our public relations, trade show and other marketing efforts this year to educate the marketplace about Aureon. We look forward to our next project with Nucleus. "
  • Jason M. Alter, Ph. D.
  • Aureon Laboratories
"I haven't found anything searching the internet that provided anything but written descriptions of anatomy or merely the depth of grade school level. Nucleus Medical Art is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for this endless source of valuable information!"
  • Judith Metzger
"Our first venture in 3D medical animation was a great success thanks to Nucleus and the talents of those we worked with. From storyboards to final animation, Nucleus exceeded our expectations at every step and created an exceptional piece that impressed our client."
  • Greg Iorio
"Great service. Very responsive to requests."
  • Jill Holmly
  • STL International
"I used the Nucleus animation within a keynote presentation. My audience was astonished by the movie quality and the educational gain. The service was perfect."
  • Emmanuel Coche, MD, PhD
  • Cliniques Universitaires St.-Luc, Belgium
"Very good experience obtaining illustrations. It was a pleasure to work wtih you."
  • Denise Sumner
"Nucleus Medical Art delivered animation customized to our specifications - and they delivered it quickly! Their staff is very knowledgeable and easy to work with, answering any question I had promptly and completely."
  • Beth A. Dombroski
  • Guthrie Healthcare Systems
"The animations look great!!! The quality is excellent and more importantly the message that we are trying to communicate to our customers is much faster and more effective. Speaking on behalf of the entire team at MAX Endoscopy, we would like to thank you and your team for a job well done. Your team has met and exceeded our expectations and was able to do it in our limited timeframe. We feel more confident going into this conference with the tools you?ve provided."
  • Robert M. Stuba
  • MAX Endoscopy
"I want to thank you again for all your help with the illustrations for the Michigan ICLE presentation. They went very well and your art was GREAT!!!!! Thanks again for everything!"
  • Dan Samo, M.D.
  • INSPE Associates, Ltd.
"Nucleus is a wonderful organization and truly portrays the value of customer service. There aren't enough kind words to describe your team."
  • Joseph Candio
"I was very happy with the images that I purchased from Nucleus. I was looking for high quality, professional medical images for an investors' presentation. The stock images you have were exactly what I was looking for. I had all my images the next day, even the ones that had to be cropped. I'll be back the next time I need images for a presentation."
  • Charlie Stone
  • LifeCell Corporation
"I found Nucleus Medical Art by doing an internet search for medical images to use for continuing medical education pieces. They often have many medical images that most other sites don't."
  • Angela Mead
  • Advanced Studies in Medicine
"I have worked in the graphic design field for well over 20 years and have collaborated with many companies from whom my clients have needed illustrations. I have found [Nucleus] to be of the highest quality and I am most pleased with the result."
  • Moki Kokoris
  • Calligraphics
"I have been extremely pleased with the personal service we have received from Nucleus reps. Each person I've worked with has been excellent. We had a few rush projects and custom illustrations, and Nucleus reps stayed late to work on them, never seeming hasty or frustrated. This was greatly appreciated."
  • Kate Shropshire
  • SaluMedica
"I used a Nucleus Medical Art illustration for a medical story about aortic aneurysms. It was very helpful to be able to explain a complex medical condition by showing viewers a clear picture of what the condition looks like. The news segment would have been very difficult for viewers to understand had it not been for the picture provided by Nucleus. "
  • Ali Gorman, R.N.
  • Jacksonville, FL
"[Nucleus] is very professional and accommodating. I received my answers quickly."
  • Mr. Bo Bickley
  • dot Com Design, Inc.
"It is my hope we continue to use Nucleus Medical Art for more images in future issues of HouseCalls, as well as additional projects down the road. Your prompt response to my requests have truly been wonderful."
  • Millie Jezior
  • Condell Medical Center
"Wow! What an amazing service. Thank you so much for responding to my request so quickly and in such a friendly manner. I will definitely recommend Nucleus to my colleagues. I look forward to using your service again very soon."
  • Pauline Brown
  • Flexpress Ltd
"Nucleus Medical Art has been the ideal partner for medical illustrations. Our wall chart initiative was developed and delivered with the utmost professionalism and expertise. The team did a great job of interpreting our direction into a relevant, informational vehicle of communication. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to future initiatives! "
  • Crystal Friend
  • Alliant Pharmaceuticals
"Thanks very much for your speedy response. It's nice to know there's a reliable source for these images for future issues."
  • David Yount
  • NFPA Periodicals, Quincy MA
"Excellent and prompt service."
  • Stacie Nikolakakis
  • CD-Pharma
"Thank you so much for all your personal attention to my order. I'm looking forward to receiving my anatomical models and certainly would refer your company to anyone I know who are interested. Your Customer Service and personal attention are first class."
  • Riette Odendaal
"Thank you very much for your willingness to donate some of your wonderful images to SciTrek for our new exhibit. We are most grateful for this partnership, and we hope that it will be of benefit to your company also. We look forward to hosting you at SciTrek and showing you the new exhibit very soon. Many, many thanks!!"
  • Lewis Massey, CEO
  • Scitrek
"I received the heart image, labels and copyright files. The illustration will work well for us. Thank you so much! I'm impressed (and relieved, given the tight timeline on this project) how easy it was to set up an account, browse, get comps. We do quite a few healthcare-related publications here, and your service will be quite useful to us. Thank you for expediting everything."
  • Linda Birch
  • Diablo Custom Publishing, Walnut Creek, CA
"As a doctoral student who is familiar with the process of writing grants, theses, and medical research proposals, I can attest to the importance of including medical illustrations that clearly depict your subject matter. Many medical students are visual learners, and many grant reviewers are unfamiliar with your particular area of medical expertise. Even after extensive searching, I have found no greater ally in the struggle to clearly communicate my ideas than the Nucleus database of electronic illustrations. I remain indebted to their talented and very friendly staff. You will too."
  • Doug Gross
  • Boston University
"The animation work provided by Nucleus Medical is insightful, creative, and timely. In support of businesses at C.R. Bard, Inc., the entire Nucleus team, from graphic designers, computer specialists, to managing directors, have been quick to grasp and interpret the clinical relevance of a disease state and illustrate not just static conditions, but dynamic medical processes to suit the viewer's need for clarity, realism, and precision. It is a pleasure to work with a team whose vision is so expertly executed."
  • M. Oliboni Hansen
  • C.R. Bard, Inc.
"I was really pleased with the professional service. The customized image looks great and the Nucleus team turned it around for us quickly!"
  • Traci Wagner
  • The RJO Group
"I am leaving Fleishman-Hillard after 23 1/2 years -- 18 of which I've spent as production manager in our Design Group. I found your company via an internet search a year or so ago, and have found Nucleus to be an invaluable resource to FH and our clients. Your staff is incredibly talented, with an amazing ability to illustrate and animate medical procedures."
  • Terri Burress
  • Fleishman-Hillard, Inc.
"I found the selection on your website excellent for ob/gyn educational pieces including the animations and the graphics with very reasonable prices compared to other websites I found. My professors have asked me for your website to see if they want to purchase other materials. I was so thankful that the process was so easy to contact you and purchase the animation by email because it saved me so much time. Thanks again for your help."
  • Katie Ostrom, MD
"I have been an adult educator in the medical field teaching paramedics, nurses and residents for over 18 years. I cannot tell you how pleased I was when I discovered the professional animations from Nucleus. The realistic, 3D animations have been exceedingly helpful to my students. I look forward to using more Nucleus animations in my future lectures."
  • Teri Campbell RN,BSN,CEN,CFRN
"Our team here at ev3 is overwhelming pleased with the quality of the SOLITAIRE Neurovascular Remodeling Device illustrations created by Nucleus Medical Art. The final images are so clear, they almost look like photographs, and will compliment our campaign significantly. The accuracy of illustrations combined with excellent customer service has made our illustration process very successful."
  • Noelle Barnett
  • ev3 Inc.
"The knee model arrived yesterday and I will be using it this morning in my class. Once again, thank you so much for all your efforts with this. It is very refreshing to have someone follow-up the way you did on this for me. Customer service is everything! Soooo....guess where I will look first for my next model!!! I am doing a series of classes so you will undoubtedly be hearing more from me. Take care!"
  • Jeanie Coe, R.N.
"We are very impressed with the way you have provided your services, communicated clearly and delivered all in an impressive fashion."
  • Nancy Moureau, BSN, CRNI
  • PICC Excellence, Inc.
"All the animations went very well, also acknowledged by Merck. You are always foremost in my mind for any new work that arrives."
  • Philip Lo Biondo
  • First Marketing
"We have worked with Nucleus Medical Art for a number of our projects. The illustrations are beautiful, detailed, and their library is extensive. In addition, the added value of their service and great staff has been exceptional!"
  • Terry Harstad
  • LifeScience Media
"The Nucleus staff was extremely helpful in finding the right images for our video. It was very easy doing business with Nucleus and will likely use your services again soon."
  • Juan Sanabria
  • Trailblazer Studios
"Even though we are paying for the services that your organization has rendered, I have been thinking moreso about how to express CIMEX's sincere gratitude and appreciation for these services. Not only is the animation first class, but the professionalism regarding its timely delivery was second to none."
  • Jerome Krentel
  • Cimex Biotech
"Thank you so much for the prompt response. I have no doubt we will be using your services in the near future."
  • Millie Jezior
  • Condell Medical Center