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Spinal Injuries
Spinal Injuries
This is a completely custom exhibit that discusses both the post-accident condition of the occipital lobe of the skull and the post-accident and subsequent conditions of the lumbar spine. The top of the board shows the skull fracture in three views: one lateral for orientation, one inferiorly to show the are of the injury, and the third a zoomed in version of the inferior view clearly showing the non-displaced oblique fracture of the occipital condyle. The second half of the board shows the multiple stages of the lumbar spine’s condition. The first image shows a figure with a flare at the area of injury. The second shows the pre-operative condition as a film interpretation with the disc bulge at L4-5. The next two film interpretations show the lumbar spine first with just the anterior hardware put in place and the second showing the full hardware, anterior and posterior, in place.
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