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Severe Left Foot Degloving and Crush Injury
Severe Left Foot Degloving and Crush Injury
This medical exhibit features the severe degloving and traumatic lacerations of the left foot. It begins by illustrating the post – accident condition depicting both the external degloving injury to the dorsum of the left foot. The tendons, muscles and arteries are shown completely transected over the medial dorsum of the foot. The extensor tendons to the big toe and the dorsalis pedis are specifcally indicated as well as the cutaneous sensory nerve injury. Portions of the sheared off fragments of the 1st metatarsal, 1st cuniform, navicular and talus bones will be included as seen in an open wound. A separate skeletal view of the right foot is included revealing the severely comminuted and sheared fractures of the 1st metatarsal and 1st cuneiform, navicular,scaphoid and talus. 50% of the bone is shown missing except the talus bone which lost only 10% of bone in the accident. An inset post-accident film on this exhibit is included.
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