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Posterior Urethral Stricture with Subsequent Surgery
Posterior Urethral Stricture with Subsequent Surgery
This exhibit shows the following images :rn1. Sagittal orientation view of the male perineum and penis, prostate, bladder etc- showing the location of the initial post-accident posterior urethral disruption (tear).rn2. Detailed inset of the initial disruption site at the posterior urethra.rnThen several surgical steps will show the following:rn1. Sagittal overview with initial placement of a French rigid cystoscope to the level of the stricture.rn2. Detailed inset showing the scarring and closure of the urethra down to a pinpoint opening. rn3. Insertion of French Axxcess Laser catheter and wire at the stricture site. rn4. Detailed inset showing the laser resection of the scar material and open urethra once again. rn
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