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Post-operative Cervical Hematoma
Post-operative Cervical Hematoma
This stock medical exhibit begins with an image showing the normal path of oxygen through the airway, into the lungs, to the bloodstream, and to the brain. Next, a series of images show the progressing condition from both the lateral and horizontal cross-section views. First, in the immediate post-operative condition, a discectomy and fusion has been performed at C5-6 and C6-7, and an anterior cervical plate and screws are in place at this site. Next, in the subsequent condition, a large hematoma is visible just anterior to the cervical fusion causing mass effect on the trachea. In the third image, the eventual condition, the hematoma causes the trachea to collapse, completely blocking the airway. The final image shows oxygen not reaching the lungs due to the blocked airway, leading to hypoxic brain injury.
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