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Left Shoulder Injuries with Arthroscopic Surgery
Left Shoulder Injuries with Arthroscopic Surgery
This is a single board exhibit depicting the preoperative condition of the patient’s left shoulder from both an anterior and lateral view, as well as four images illustrating the resulting surgery.rnrnThe anterior preoperative condition image illustrates the subacromial impingement and inflamed synovial tissue of the glenohumeral joint, whereas the lateral view illustrates the grade II chondromalacia and adhesions superior to the glenoid fossa and loose osteocartilaginous fragments.rnrnThe four steps shown for the surgery include the insertion of the arthroscopic instruments, the removal of the inflamed synovial tissue by shaver, the cleaned up glenoid fossa and the fixing of the torn labrum with an anchored suture, and finally the decompression of the subacromial impingement.
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