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Left Knee Dislocation and Nerve Injury with Resulting Foot Drop
Left Knee Dislocation and Nerve Injury with Resulting Foot Drop
This medical exhibit features three lateral views of the left lower leg from the knee down to the foot. These images will compare the following conditions: 1. Normal anatomy shows the proper alignment of the knee, the proper anatomy of the internal knee ligaments and the peroneal nerve in a neutral position of the foot. 2. Post-accident condition with anterior dislocation of the knee, tears of the ACL, PCL and MCL, fracture of the proximal fibula and stretch injury to the peroneal nerve. 3. Post-reduction condition with knee realigned, but clearly shows that the internal ligaments are still torn. In this image the foot is shown drooping down in an extended position illustrating the foot drop which resulted from the peroneal nerve injury.
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