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Left Foot Flap Revision and Tarsal Metatarsal Fusion of the Left Foot
Left Foot Flap Revision and Tarsal Metatarsal Fusion of the Left Foot
This medical exhibit includes an overview of the two proposed surgical procedures. The first portion of the exhibit is focused on the skin reconstruction of the dorsum of the foot. The first image shows the deformity created by the skin graft from his thigh. Next, several steps shows the isolation of the vessels and the debulking of the tissue. The final image reveals a more normal anatomical configuration of the foot though the scar will still be evident. On the second half of this exhibit is devoted to the proposed mid foot fusion. The first image shows the anterolateral view of the bones of the foot. Post- traumatic arthritis are clearly developed at the metatarsal and tarsal joint. This illustrations includes and labels the arthritis, demineralization of specific bones, the hardware removal artifacts and healed fractures ..The key steps in the mid foot fusion including the incision into the mid foot, the debridement of the articular surfaces of the bones back to the fresh tissue and the placement of multiple scores and bone graft in tarsal metatarsal joint space.
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