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Intra-operative Bowel Injury with Resulting Sepsis and Scrotal Abscess
Intra-operative Bowel Injury with Resulting Sepsis and Scrotal Abscess
This stock medical exhibit features two sagittal (side cut-away) views of the lower abdomen and pelvis of a male patient. These two images compare the immediate post-operative condition with the subsequent condition following development of sepsis and an abscess. The first image clearly shows a hernia repair, a mesh is in place and the peritoneum is closed with staples with the tip of the cecum caught in one of the staples of the peritoneum repair. The second image illustrates the subsequent condition. Fecal material is shown oozing from the staple wound in the cecum through the opening of the peritoneum, surrounding the mesh and pre-peritoneal layers causing an obvious infection including the abscess and massive swelling of the scrotum.
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