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Intertrochanteric Hip Fracture with Surgical Fixation
Intertrochanteric Hip Fracture with Surgical Fixation
This is a single board exhibit illustrating the surgical fixation of a left hip intertrochanteric fracture and the subsequent surgical steps from and condition.rnrnThe pre-operative condition is based of of films provided from the client and also includes an inset of the actual film.rnrnThe next four illustrations are steps from the surgery. The first depicts the initial incision to the side of the left leg. The second shows how the neck of the femur is reamed out so that a pin can be inserted into the break. The third steps illustrates a conformed plate being placed and secured by screws. The last step illustrated shows the aforementioned pin being inserted into the top of the plate and into the broken femur neck.rnrnThe last section of the board is devoted to the post-operative condition. An illustrated version of the post-operative hardware in place is next to the two smaller films that it was based on.
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