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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use Nucleus illustrations in my book, web site and presentation?
A: Yes. Nucleus licenses illustrations and animations for use in books, presentations, web sites, business proposals, advertising campaigns, patient education materials, etc.
Q: To what industries does Nucleus license its content?
A: Nucleus licenses content for many industries, including but not limited to: publishing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, academia, advertising, legal, broadcast, entertainment and others.
Q: What are your licensing fees?
A: Nucleus licensing fees are determined by usage. The fee for web use is based on the audience and duration of the license; one year or multiple years. The fee for a book or print brochure with a specified print run is based on the audience, image size and quantity of prints.
Q: Do you offer license subscriptions?
A: Yes. Nucleus offers licenses that allow you to download illustrations directly from our web site on an as-needed basis. You can pre-determine the use and number of illustrations, obtain a contract, and begin downloading!
Q: Do you offer customization?
A: Yes. If you need unique images for your project, let our talented staff of 18 medical illustrators create them for you. Our team's graduate-level degrees and extensive professional experience ensure you and your authors/editors always receive informed, peer-level interaction when discussing medical subject matter.
Q: Can I make changes to the illustrations?
A: Yes. Clients can add/delete labels, lead lines, arrows and add highlight colors. Our in-house illustrators are happy to make adjustments to the illustrations for you. Customization charges may apply.
Q: Can Nucleus create artwork that I can own?
A: It is important to note that Nucleus does not create work-made-for-hire, and retains all copyright for any content not depicting your proprietary information. If you wish to have more control over the content you license from us, we can grant an industry exclusive license term, providing market exclusivity in both print and electronic media, along with the assurance the images will follow the overall design of your product line, and, most importantly, not appear in competing products.
Q: How can I get a customization estimate?
A: Start by contacting a Nucleus representative to discuss your project. We will ask a series of questions regarding the nature of the image, intended application and the usage rights desired. Shortly afterward, you will receive a written proposal outlining the scope of the agreement, usage rights, development costs, deadline and other details.

If you would like to obtain a licensing estimate, or if you have other questions, please contact Nucleus directly using this form:

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You may also call us at 800.333.0753.