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Duodenal Perforation and Resulting Ischemic Small Bowel
Duodenal Perforation and Resulting Ischemic Small Bowel
This exhibit features one large anterior cut-section view of the abdomen of an elderly black female -as it appeared post-operatively. The image will feature the following aspects in detail:rnrn1. Left nephrectomy, and major abdominal vessels ghosted in the background.rn2. 3mm duodenal perforation just proximal to the ligament of Treitz,rn3. Ischemic- (liquefactive necrosis) large colon from the mid transverse region distally. rn4. Ischemic small bowel, 3 large regions totaling a significant amount of the small bowel (shown ghosted so as not to obscure the other details of the colon and kidney regions.rnSpecifically labeled are the key anatomical landmarks such as the stomach, pyloris, duodenum, ligament of Treitz, jejunum, colon, etc.rnrnrn
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