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Discogram Study
Discogram Study
This exhibit featureS the following images:rn1. Lateral- side view, orientation of a male figure bent forward with multiple needles placed into the low back from L2-S1 for the discogram procedure. rn2. Actual Film print, of the lateral discogram showing needles and contrast injections at L3-4, L4-5 and L5-S1. Labels will note each disc level as well as the retrolisthesis at L4-L5.rn3. Next, three superior views will show the appearance of the disc injuries at each level based on the Discogram findings: L3-4 Grade V annular tear, L4-5 Grade V annular tear, L5-S1 Grade V annular tear. rnIn each of the axial views the minute sensory nerves on the disc areas show that are affected by these type of injuries.
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