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Compartment Syndrome with Fasciotomies and Subsequent Necrotizing Fasciitis
Compartment Syndrome with Fasciotomies and Subsequent Necrotizing Fasciitis
This stock medical exhibit depicts compartment syndrome with fasciotomy procedures resulting in necrotizing fasciitis. The first exhibit compares the normal anatomy of a cross-sectional view through the right thigh to a cross-sectional view through a thigh demonstrating compartment syndrome. The fasciotomy procedure is illustrated in two steps beginning with an anterior view of the thigh where the fascia of the anterior compartment is exposed and incised to release the nerve and blood vessel compression. Next a lateral view of the lower leg is shown where a lateral incision is made and the fascia of the superficial and deep posterior compartments are incised. Finally the subsequent condition is illustrated showing the onset of necrotizing fasciitis from an anterior view of the lower extremities.
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