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Cervical Spine Injury with Surgical Discectomy and Fusion
Cervical Spine Injury with Surgical Discectomy and Fusion
This stock medical exhibit shows an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion in a series of illustrations. The first illustration provides a side view of the male figure and boxes off the injured area. The second illustration features an enlarged side cut away view of the herniated disc at the C6-7 level. The third illustration shows the creation of an incision on the anterior neck at the C6-7 level to expose the injured area. The fourth illustration shows the removal of disc material with currettes and rongeurs. The fifth illustration shows the drilling away of portions of the endplates, creating an anterior and a posterior lip. The sixth illustration shows the placement of a graft in the C6-7 disc space. The final illustration shows the installation of a titanium plate over the grafts with 4 screws.
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