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Bilateral Lower Extremity Fractures with Initial Surgical Repairs
Bilateral Lower Extremity Fractures with Initial Surgical Repairs
This exhibit begins with one anterior view of the bilateral lower legs and feet with the skeletal anatomy shown transparently beneath the skin. This image illustrates the post-accident conditions including the open wound of the left lower leg, the underlying tibia and fibula fractures, the left 2nd metatarsal fracture, the right great toe proximal phalanx fracture and the right 2nd toe proximal interphalangeal joint dislocation. These images will be based specifically on the post-accident x-rays if these films can be provided.rnrnAlso, the key steps of the surgical procedure illustrates step by step. These images include the realignment of the various fracture sites, the irrigation and debridement of the left lower leg wound, the placement of the antibiotic beads into the tibial fracture site and the assembly of the external fixation device.
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