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Deluxe Demonstration Skull 10-part
In this first class anatomical modle of a human skull, the structures under the removable calvarium (with sinus, arteries and cranial nerves depicted in colors) are medially divided into two halves. Lamina perpendicularis and vomer bones can be folded to the side to show the lateral nose wall and sinus sphenoidalis. The sinus frontal-is as well as right halves of maxilla and mandible are fitted with flaps. The left temporal bone is removable and can be folded in the region of the tympanic membrane. The right temporal bone is opened to show the sinus sigmoideus, canalis nervi facialis and semicircular ducts. Maxilla and mandible expose alveolar vessels and nerves. Natural occlusion and individual removal and replacement of each tooth fulfill even the requirements of dentists.
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